About senpoo
Senpoo is a creative studio specialized in 2D/3D animation and motion design, based in Tokyo. With the power of visual technology, we're passionate about bringing life to characters and telling stories with a message. We believe the power of ideas and sympathy makes a positive impact in the society.
You can contact us from here.
Represented by / 代表
Tad (Senpookyaku) Hoshiko
I'm an award winning animation director/motion designer working on cartoonish style 2D/3D graphics.
After years of experiencing both direction and production in many projects, I'm ready to make various proposals how to animate your story.
As a motion design enthusiast, I'm always eager to adopt inventive methods to maximize the value of visual expressions.
As a person,  I love my wife and my little son.
星子 旋風脚
アニメーション監督としてアニメ『SNSポリス』(2018年 TOKYO MX放送、Amazonプライム等配信)を制作。2017年『トントンレスラー トン』にて、ひかりTV主催CREATORS CHALLENGE特別賞受賞。
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